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Family Support

We all know the joys associated with raising a child with Down syndrome. We also know many of the unique challenges and obstacles that parents can face in the areas of healthcare, education and therapy. Below are just a few of the available resources we’ve put together to aid you in navigating these waters.

Still, our greatest assets remain our families and members of Ds Connections Nw. Our families take pride in sharing their experiences with other families, as well as new and expecting parents, and it is our mission at DsCNw to facilitate these connections. Then, as we grow as a community, we hope you will become more involved, both as families and volunteers, in our many activities, supports and services.

If you are a parent seeking support from another parent, or are willing to offer support yourself, please contact us:

Susan Villelli, Board of Directors, President (509) 979-2242

Family Support Material

IEP toolkit (pdf)

Developed by the Down syndrome Center in Cincinnati this well developed and thorough IEP Toolkit is an important resource in helping parents become informed and collaborative members in the IEP process of their chosen school.

Include, Belong, Learn (on Inclusive School Reform) (pdf)

An excellent article written for the advocacy of including children with disabilities into general education classrooms; including the benefits for both the children with disabilities and the general population. From the paper, “The theory behind inclusion is that the best way to provide quality education for students with disabilities—and all students—is to increase marginalized students' access to the general education classroom, where the best curriculum and social opportunity are often provided. Inclusive school reform also means providing each student an authentic sense of belonging in an inclusive classroom where difference is expected and valued.”

Healthcare Guidelines Synopsis (pdf)

Provided by the Down syndrome Guild of greater Kansas City, the Down Syndrome Health Care Guidelines are based on our present level of knowledge and should be modified as new information becomes available. Modern primary health care includes educational and developmental concerns within its domain, and therefore we have included information and recommendations specific to these needs of individuals with Down syndrome. These recommendations are a thoughtful composite of the input of many experts involved in the care of people with Down syndrome.

They reflect current standards and practices of health care in the United States of America. They have been designed for a wide audience: for health care professionals who are providing primary care, such as pediatricians, family physicians, internists and geneticists, as well as specialists, nursing personnel and other allied health professionals, such as physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists and audiologists. In addition to educators and early intervention providers, these guidelines are designed for parents and other caregivers to use with the professionals who participate in the care of the individual with Down syndrome.

Speech and Language Resource Guides




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