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About Our Donations

Thanks to our amazing corporate sponsors along with the many individual and family donations, Ds Connections Nw has been able to accomplish so much more in 2011 than we’d ever thought possible by this time.

Our 2011/2012 budget was $12,850; 100% driven by business, corporate and professional sponsorship as well as individual and family donations.

44% of our budget went back into our local area of outreach in the form of:

  • Bi-monthly meetings, with such diverse topics as “How to Make the Most of Your I.E.P.” and “Effective Tools for Speech Therapy”.
  • Dynamic social events like our Summer Picnics, and holiday Christmas Party.
  • And of course, our annual Step UP for Down Syndrome Walk.

16% of our budget was earmarked for general operating expenses and national affiliation dues. This makes available, the vast resources of such great organizations as the National Down Syndrome Society and the National Down Syndrome Congress. In addition, our own organization and resources are made available to anyone seeking counsel in our local area of influence as well as across the nation.

Finally, the remaining 40% of our budget went towards a massive informational and marketing redesign and upgrade. This enabled us to:

  • Expand our resources and outreach to a level never before seen in our organizations brief five year history.
  • Build this website, with its growing library of pertinent resources and network of information; available to individuals, parents, friends and families all across the world, and most importantly, right here in our own local area.
  • Placed relevant information into the hands of new and soon-to-be parents to aid them in making thorough and knowledgeable decisions.
  • Made available the testimonies, trials and advice of other parents who have walked the road and faced the mountains and molehills of raising a child with Down syndrome, through love, patience, understanding and care.




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